Newtonian and Relativistic Simulations

This is a web site for simulating and comparing the behavior of objects using Newtonian and Relativistic Physics. It has a Realtime Interactive 3D Simulation program in which predefined and custom examples may be run. First time users of the program please open and follow a tutorial. Those looking for layman's explanations for certain relativistic concepts may find some in the FAQ section.




Please open a tutorial in a separate window before trying to run a simulation for the first time.

Meterstick and Hole tutorial

Pole in the Barn tutorial

Two Dimensional Motion (Velocity Addition) tutorial

Twins tutorial

Twins with no Instant Velocity Change

Twins with Mutual Signaling (not currently available)

Twins with Mutual Signaling and no Instant Velocity Change (not currently available)

Other tutorials are being rewritten.



The Simulation Program:

Read the System Requirements and Getting Started instructions

Sorry, the simulation program is unavailable while it is being converted to one that will run on both a PC and Mac. No release date is available.



Determining the Length of a Moving Object (extends intuitive Newtonian method to Special Relativity)

Measuring the Rate of a Moving Clock (extends intuitive Newtonian method to Special Relativity)

Looking for Contradictions when Moving Clocks Run Slow (with actual calculations)

A variation of Einstein's Train and Lightning Thought Experiment (with actual calculations)

How traveling faster than the speed of light can allow you to Alter History

Other documents will be added.




Special Relativity Examples (2D Simulation)

General Relativity Visualization (Flash Player needed)

Other links will be added.